How to Use

Say hello to beautiful pine straw, mulch and grass!

Step One Shake 01

Before spraying your mulch, grass or pine straw, spray unmovable items such as plants, shrubs and concrete with water to avoid unwanted color adheason. Shake the EnviroColor container well and carefully remove the cap. Pour the correct amount of EnviroColor concentrate into your sprayer system.

Step Two Add Water 02

Add the recommended amount of water per concentrate into your sprayer. Secure the lid of your sprayer and shake thoroughly to ensure the water and EnviroColor concentrate are mixed together well. Pump your sprayer to pressurize it according to its manufacturer instructions.

Step Three Spray 03

Spray the EnviroColor concentrate 6-8” away from the surface in a sweeping, overlapping motion. To lighten the color, add a little more water and shake well. Spray from left to right and go over surface areas if you desire a richer, deeper color in your mulch, grass of pine straw.

Step Four Enjoy 04

Enjoy your revitalized landscaping! While EnviroColor drys quickly, allow at least 8 hours before walking on treated areas. Wait 24 hours for EnviroColor to completely dry and cure before allowing people and pets to step all treated surfaces.