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Best Uses for EnviroColor Grass Paint

We know what you’re imagining. A homeowner crawling around on their hands and knees with a can of green spray paint, painting each blade of grass a lush green. While the concept of grass paint is similar, it’s far more professional than that.

EnviroColor Grass Paint is a non-toxic pigment that gives your browning or yellowing grass a boost of color. It's 100% natural, it’s not what you’d find in a rattle can on the shelf at your local hardware store.

EnviroColor Grass Paint is great for coverage of browning or yellowing spots in your yard while you wait for the natural green to return. For example, if your lawn is browning from dog urine, and you want to temporarily regreen the area while flushing the urine from the soil.

Grass paint is also great for shifting climates, like areas with seasonal droughts that cause the grass to brown a bit due to water restrictions. Another good time to use grass paint is when your grass goes dormant and loses its popping-green hue, as cool-season grasses do in the summer and warm-season grasses do in the winter.

Here's how EnviroColor Grass Paint distinguishes itself from that spray bomb you used to paint your lawn furniture. Instead of having harmful chemicals, EnviroColor Grass Paint is made from crushed kaolin, a soft natural stone. What about the coloring? That’s a pigment-based dye that lays on the surface of the grass blades without blocking the sun’s rays. So, you can spray your grass and not worry about it dying due to a lack of sunlight.

Because you spray grass paint directly onto the lawn, it raises concerns about its safety. Not only are you concerned about your grass’ health, but you’re likely also worried about your family, pets, and the environment.

As we addressed above, EnviroColor Grass Paint is perfectly fine for your lawn. Since it’s a pigment and not a paint, it doesn’t block the sun from reaching the grass, nor does

it seep into the blades of grass and cause damage from the inside.

As for people and pets, you’ll want to keep pets or people from walking on painted grass until it’s dry, as they may return with green-stained paws or shoes. Once the grass paint dries, though, it’s 100% safe and non-toxic to pets and people.

The primary benefit of using EnviroColor Grass Paint is its immediate regreening effect. No matter how well you maintain your lawn, you’re bound to run into a handful of issues here and there. Having the ability to bring back its color immediately eases the stress of dealing with lawn issues.

The other benefit is cost savings. Sometimes, lawn health issues can take months to fix, and dealing with a browning lawn may be too much to handle for an extended period. In many cases, homeowners will give in and pay to have sod installed. With EnviroColor Grass Paint, you can bring back that popping-green color while waiting for its natural color to return — all for the cost of a bottle of grass paint.

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