As the nation's #1 provider of consumer grade grass paint, mulch and pine straw dyes we rely on our retail partners to provide our customers with the finest products the industry has offer. 

EnviroColor for Retailers

Meeting the demands of the customer while satisfying your margin requirements can be a tough balance to strike. At EnviroColor we understand those challenges and have designed an industry leading retail program for our partners based on years of experience working with retailers big and small. With innovative merchandising solutions, brand recognition and unparalleled service, EnviroColor is the leading supplier in the category.

grass paint from EnviroColor

There is a reason that EnviroColor lines the shelves of more retailers nationwide than any other grass paint producer; our products move, our customers are satisfied and EnviroColor delivers exactly what we say we will. 4EverGreen grass paint has revolutionized the category by providing a product equally fit for the do-it-yourselfer as it is for the professional contractor. 


Available in 3 square footage presentations, 4EverGreen grass paint has satisfied the needs of the home and business owner and the largest professional contractors in the industry. 

The EnviroColor Advantage


EnviroColor has revolutionized the outdoor and landscape paint and colorant category by providing retailers, big and small, with high profit margin yeilding options on products their customers are asking for by name. No other manufacturer in this category has the ability to support buyers and merchandisers like we can with customized programs, little or no order minimums and flexible shipping and fulfillment options. We solidly understand the challenges of integrating new products in to your store and that is why more independent store owners trust us as their source for proven, customer-centric programs that out perform every other brand available. 


Trust us to develop a winning strategy for the category in your garden center, contractor supply store or home improvement center today. Your customers are asking for it and we are ready to partner with you. Call us today at 678-648-5620.


A Note On Sustainability


As more and more consumers become aware of their environmental footprint, products like EnviroColor are gaining popularity. We are passionate about leaving the world better, and better looking, than we found it. The EnviroColor line is designed to maximize efficiencies of our precious natural resources. Our turf and grass paints have saved states in the west thousands of gallons of water, our mulch colorants have reduced the impact of de-forestation by prolonging the useful life of mulch products and our pine straw colorant safeguard the planet by reducing the amount of fossil fuels necessary in the collection and distribution of pine straw. 


By offering the EnviroColor line to your customers you are committing to reducing the amount of natural resources it takes to maintain beautiful, sustainable landscapes. Join us, please. 

 mulch dye from EnviroColor

EnviroColor pioneered consumer ready mulch colorants back in 2007. We've become the largest supplier of the product that restores colored mulch to it's original splendor. EnviroColor mulch colorants are manufactured specifically for use at home and by comercial contractors alike. The product is incredibly versatile and easy to apply with common landscape trade pumps and equipment. 


Home owners see impressive returns on their mulch investments with a single application restoring the color instantly. In many cases the appearance of colored mulch after using EnviroColor is better than better than it was when it was purchased. Professional contractors across the country are using EnviroColor to refresh and restore the color of their customer's mulch beds and find EnviroColor to be an invaluable tool in increasing their profitability.

pine straw paint from EnviroColor

EnviroColor pioneered pine straw colorants and protectants back in 2007. We've become the largest supplier of the product that not only prolongs and protects pine straw from decay, but also refreshes pine straw that's faded. Commercial properties throughout the southeast have saved thousands of dollars annually by treating new pine straw or refreshing existing pine straw. Our Georgia Pine color is recognized as the most natural looking, cost effective pine straw treatment available on the market today. The product is incredibly versatile and easy to apply with common landscape trade pumps and equipment. 


Contractors report profit margins exceeding 80% on nearly every application. Clients and customers who adopt the EnviroColor treated pine straw application almost always opt for it every installation.

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EnviroColor for Retailers

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