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No matter the size of your project, big or small, when lasting curb appeal counts you can trust EnviroColor. Click here to see what others are saying about America's #1 brand of landscape colorants.

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EnviroColor's all natural solutions protect and prolong the natural color of pine straw, refresh faded mulch to like new color and bring the industry's most natural green color to dormant or diseased turf for just pennies per square foot. It's easy to use and you'll see lasting results with a single application.

Available for home owners, professional contractors and retailers.

all natural grass paint

Keeping your home looking its best is no easy task. Pine straw fades quickly, mulch last longer than the color does and your grass fades or turns brown in the winter or during droughts. EnviroColor can instantly and easily transform your property. Designed to be mixed and applied with a standard pump-type sprayer found in most every hardware store or lawn and garden department, EnviroColor makes easy work out of keeping your landscaping looking great. 


Click here to hear what others, just like you are saying about EnviroColor. 

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Landscaping as an industry is changing. Those who have adapted to these changes are doing better business than ever before. EnviroColor has revolutionized ground-cover maintenance with our formulas designed to protect and prolong the life of pine straw and its color, refresh faded mulch in stead of replacing it and giving turf a natural pop of color when it is dormant, diseased or draught stricken. Your clients will look better than ever, your company will look better than ever and most importantly - you'll make more money doing it. 


Let us show you how to increase your profit margins, deliver a better product, reduce your use of natural resources and be the envy of your competition today!


Click here to learn how EnviroColor will forever change the way you do business.

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EnviroColor's team of professionals have been enhancing the curb appeal of the southeast for more than 7 years. We've performed for many of largest landscapers in the industry with outstanding results. We're a landscape crew's ticket to dramatically increased profit margins on projects big and small. We work efficiently with you and your team to ensure the job flawless from bid to execution. Professionals working with EnviroColor have seen significant reductions in the amount of straw and mulch used and major increases to their bottom line. We're professionals, we're experienced and we work for you to get done right. 


The EnviroColor service area is limited to the metro Atlanta area however if you've got a project outside of the area please don't hesitate to call us first. Our network of approved EnviroColor partners around the country is growing quickly. 


Click here to learn more about EnviroColor's professional spray services.

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The demand for alternatives to replacing pine straw and mulch products has sky rocketed over the past several. Daily, we receive calls from around the country and even around the globe from customers looking to purchase EnviroColor. We've long had a presence on-line however as consumer awareness continues to grow about the cost savings, material savings and time savings customers are seeking in-store options opposed to having to wait for EnviroColor to arrive in the mail. Our team has invested a great deal of time and effort in to ensuring that EnviroColor not only delivers top-notch return for our retail partners but also in designing packaging and merchandising materials that effectively sell the product. 


Becoming a retail partner couldn't be easier. We've eliminated order minimums and work with each of retailers to ensure sales success. The demand is there - will you capitalize on it?


Click here to learn more about becoming an EnviroColor retail partner.

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