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EnviroColor Reviews

For more than 7 years EnviroColor has been the #1 choice in landscape colorants among home owners, property managers and professional contractors world-wide. Here is what they are saying about EnviroColor.

EnviroColor for Homeowners


"Does a very good job of covering and refreshing existing mulch" - makes mulch look as if it is new."


"What a great product" - I let my grass in the front yard turn brown to save water. I put this product on this morning and the lawn looks great. I used the minimal amount of "paint" as per the directions. If you want to get it done quickly, you could add more color, but I found the weaker solution allowed it to drip down to the root area making it look more natural. I used the paper packing to put on top of the concrete and lawn border. Next time I will tape it down so it does not get on the concrete. You have to scrub fast and hard once it is spilled. Also be careful when refilling the container. Even if you open it slowly, the green will get on you. Looking at the color five hours later, it looks a little blue, but not much. I didn't totally saturate the lawn. I thought a little brown undertone in areas made it look more natural. 16 oz. covered about 300 sq feet. I'd buy it again."


"105 degrees in Dallas and the lawn is still green" - The product worked better than I had anticipated: covered up the brown with a natural looking green, has lasted over a month, from a distance really blends in well, was easy to use (although it will stain your concrete green). I only used less that half the container, and will plan on using it again next year, if necessary."

EnviroColor for Pros

"I'll never forget the first time I used EnviroColor" - I had a large apartment complex approach me about how they could save money on their pine straw installations. I'd heard of EnviroColor but had never used it. I proposed the solution to the property manager and they approved the application. We installed pine straw in January and treated it with EnviroColor. Honest to god, the straw still looked fresh in August!"


"Best looking grass paint on the market" - my customers can be very picky. There are so many companies out there with "natural grass paints" that simply don't look natural. 4EverGreen doesn't turn blue like almost every other one, stays where you put it, and actually looks like it does in the pictures. I won't use another brand."


"My customers think I'm a magician"Mulch is the ground cover of choice where our branches are located in the northeast and midwest and it can get expensive to keep it looking fresh. I approached a commercial client of mine about painting the mulch and they loved it. Pennies on the dollar for long lasting color. Sure there are others who make mulch dye and I've tried them. Simply put, EnviroColor lasts longer, costs me less and makes me more money."


EnviroColor Services

EnviroColor-pine straw-paint-services

"Every single year" - we've worked with EnviroColor for years at our apartment complex. We put down a fraction of new pine straw and the color lasts longer. The team is respectful of our residents and work quickly to get the job done. I can't imagine ever not using EnviroColor."


"Life savers"when the owners of our office complex planned a meeting without telling us we had a little time to fix grass that was destroyed by army worms. We looked at re-sodding the area and simply didn't have the extra money in the budget. We called our landscaping company and the turned us on EnviroColor. They came out two days before the meeting and painted our grass that had browned out. The meeting came and went and none of the owners even knew there was a problem. The grass looked so natural. EnviroColor saved us!"


"No more over-seeding for us" - before we knew about EnviroColor we over-seeded our grass every year. Now we call them as soon as we see our Bermuda start to go dormant to have it painted. We save at least 40% and our grass looks so much healthier in the spring because we haven't planted rye just to keep it green. The technicians are responsive, work quickly and leave us looking great every time."

EnviroColor for Retail

"Customers love this stuff"when the water restrictions were put in place in southern California customers were looking for a solution for the brown grass. I tried a hand full of products which either didn't sell or came back to the store with an angry customer. EnviroColor called us, assured me that our product would out perform the one we had in stock and I gave it a try. They were right."


"I'm glad they found my little store"we're a small, independently owned lawn and garden center in the northeast and carrying EnviroColor was one of the best decisions I've made. So many of my customers we're looking for an alternative solution to re-mulching in the spring and I've got it for them with EnviroColor. I was concerned at first that mulch dye would hurt my mulch sales which hasn't been the case. I actually make better margins on the dye than I do on a bag of mulch. Our customers usually end up buying enough mulch to even out their beds and enough dye to color it all."


"Enough capacity for our chain"EnviroColor did what no other company we know of could do with grass paint and mulch dye, they were able to ship quickly to a significant number of stores. Their displays are in line with the quality of much larger companies and their turn-around time is superb."


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