EnviroColor for Professionals

The landscape industry is changing. Staying on the cutting edge is often the difference between getting ahead and falling behind your competition. Get ahead and stay ahead with EnviroColor mulch, pine straw, and grass paints.

EnviroColor for Professionals

You work hard and nobody understands that better than we do at EnviroColor. Countless numbers of landscaping professionals count on us everyday to help them get ahead and stay ahead of their competition. That's the reason EnviroColor is the number supplier of professional grade landscape paints and colorants for seasoned pros in the USA. 

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EnviroColor pioneered pine straw colorants and protectants back in 2007. We've become the largest supplier of the product that not only prolongs and protects pine straw from decay, but also refreshes pine straw that's faded. Commercial properties throughout the southeast have saved thousands of dollars annually by treating new pine straw or refreshing existing pine straw. Our Georgia Pine color is recognized as the most natural looking, cost effective pine straw treatment available on the market today. The product is incredibly versatile and easy to apply with common landscape trade pumps and equipment. 


Contractors report profit margins exceeding 80% on nearly every application. Clients and customers who adopt the EnviroColor treated pine straw application almost always opt for it every installation.

Re-coloring mulch isn't anything new. Contractors throughout the mid-Atlantic, mid west, and north east have been offering this service for quite some time. Hardwood mulch almost always outlasts it's color re-coloring it far more cost effective than replacing it. It's exceedingly rare to hear of landscaping companies that don't offer the service to their customers. EnviroColor's mulch dyes are the most concentrated, longest lasting colorants available on the market. Our dyes are colored matched to the most popular colored mulch sold bulk and bags today. Easily applied using industry standard pump-type sprayers and gas powered sprayers, EnviroColor's mulch colorants will revolutionize the way your company manages mulch. 


Mulch and Pine Straw spray paint available in Cocoa Brown, Black Forest and Sierra Red. 


Not all grass paints are created equal! With more and more popping up on Amazon lately you'd think grass paint grew on trees. We assure you that is not the case. EnviroColor's 4EverGreen grass paint has stood the test of time and has become the go-to product for professionals for a reason - it does what it says it will do. And, it is among the most affordable options available. 4EverGreen has proven itself to be a perfect color match for every warm season turf and most cool season grasses when mixed per label instructions. The ability to custom mix in order to achieve the most appropriate color for each project is why professionals trust EnviroColor in their businesses.  


4EverGreen is a professional grade grass spray paint specifically designed to be the very best. 

The EnviroColor Advantage


EnviroColor began as a service based business and we understand the challenges of adapting to a changing landscape industry. We've been on the ground, pitched the service to commercial and residential customers and we've been hands-on in every step of the business. We know what it takes to be successful, we've identified and capitalized on opportunities that few others have and we're here to help you and your business accomplish the same. We've coached business both big and small in implementing EnviroColor solutions in their businesses and stood by them with support every step of the way.


Why not let us help your business grow and become more profitable using EnviroColor? There is far more than meets the eye and our professionals can guide you through entire process. From picking out the right equipment and training of your employees to pitching, quoting and closing deals. Even if you are just curious about how EnviroColor might be able impact your business, why not pick up the phone and give us a call? Put the EnviroColor advantage to work for you!

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